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Isnt' she lovely!! Introducing the Kente Princess, a stunning piece of wall art that captures the essence of African royalty. The vibrant colors of the Kente cloth beautifully adorn the young Princess, exuding confidence and splendor. Despite being blind in one eye, her expression radiates security and inspires us to live life to the fullest. Hang this piece in any room and be captivated by the beauty and grace of the Kente Princess. Add a touch of African elegance to your home décor with this timeless work of art.


Download Includes: 

(1) jpg Digital Image with Logo 

(1) jpg Digital Image without Logo

(1) jpg Digital Description Image

(1) jpg Labeled Image with color background


  • Enter CYBERSALE25 at check out to get your 25% Discount

  • You will receive the download link after payment

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